Banbury MP Victoria Prentis questions Jeremy Hunt MP on funding for patient returns

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a new long-term funding plan for the NHS, Banbury MP Victoria Prentis questioned the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jeremy Hunt, about funding for patient returns.

The following transcript of Victoria’s speech has been taken from Hansard. 

Victoria Prentis (Banbury) (Con): On Friday, I was lucky enough to visit the award-winning neck of femur service at the great Horton General Hospital. The length of time that patients stay is very dependent on great links between the hospital and social care. Does my right hon. Friend agree that spending to save is possible, so that even more of this great funding can be spent on patient returns?

Mr Hunt responded with “absolutely. The most important way of spending to save is to invest in prevention, and a lot of that work comes from strong local hospitals. Before my hon. Friend finally leaves this place, I have no doubt at all that her local hospital will be called not the Horton General Hospital, but the Great Horton General Hospital.”