Back British Farming Day

Yesterday was Back British Farming Day and I was keen to champion the crucial role farmers play in producing food for the nation and caring for the countryside.

BBC Coverage of Caulcott SPS

I am very pleased to see the coverage BBC South Today gave to the ongoing issues my constituents in Caulcott are facing. 

This has been going on for well over a decade and I hope this will help to give the issue some more public attention. 

Meeting Request with Thames Water

Today I have written to Thames Water to request that we meet on site to discuss this detail in greater length. 

Services Returned to the Horton General Hospital

Last week I was delighted to learn of two positive developments at the Horton. We now have a new MRI scanner which has gone live and at the start of this week we saw renal dialysis return.

A Level and GCSE Results Day

This has been a very difficult year for everyone, but in particular those facing important public exams. I share the disappointment of so many who worked so hard towards exams they were unable to take because of the coronavirus outbreak.

150th Anniversary of the Palace of Westminster

This summer marks the 150th Anniversary of the Palace of Westminster. Home to the House of Commons and the House of Lords, Westminster is a symbol of British Government and democracy.  

Eat Out to Help Out Scheme Launches

From Monday many restaurants across the constituency will be taking part in the new Eat Out to Help Out scheme. 

I know many people are still nervous about heading out to restaurants but this is a brilliant scheme which allows you to support our local hospitality industry.