Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022

This week we have been marking Baby Loss Awareness Week, our annual opportunity to reflect, remember and raise the profile of an issue which is very important to me following the death of my son in 2000.

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

Baby loss is an issue I hold extremely close to my own heart as I lost my own son. This is why when I was first elected as a Member of Parliament, I helped set up the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss.

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

Over the past week we have been marking the annual Baby Loss Awareness Week. Baby loss is an issue I hold extremely close to my own heart.

Victoria speaks in third annual Baby Loss debate

On 9 October 2018, Victoria Prentis, Member of Parliament for North Oxfordshire spoke in the Baby Loss Awareness Week debate.


The following transcript is taken from Hansard. 



Following the launch of Petals (Pregnancy Expectations Trauma and Loss Society) in Banbury, Victoria Prentis took part in the Parental Bereavement (leave and pay) debate on Friday 20 October.