Proposed Oxfordshire Strategic Rail Freight Interchange

Plans were announced last year to construct a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange at Ardley. The site proposed by Oxfordshire Railfreight Ltd would be situated on the side of the Chiltern Mainline, on land to the east of Heyford Park and west of the B430 (opposite the Viridor ERF facility). You can find out more about the plans on the developers’ website

The proposals are currently at an early stage in the pre-application process. Such a development is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and so would not follow the ordinary planning application process. You can find more information about the proposal and the application process in general on the National Infrastructure Planning website here.

I have had useful meetings with local parish councils as well as the district and county council about the plans. I cannot see that this is a suitable location for such a development, but am continuing to engage with the developers to see what mitigation measures are proposed. In the meantime, I am very interested to hear people’s thoughts on the project so please do share them with me by emailing:  


Proposed SRFI Public Consultation Begins

A public consultation on the proposed Oxfordshire Strategic Rail Freight Interchange begins today. The proposals include a new rail freight interchange and 6.5 million sq. ft. of warehousing on the side of the Chiltern Mainline, between Ardley and Middleton Stoney.

Proposed SRFI Public Consultation Delayed

I received an update from Oxalis Planning today. From this, I understand that the first public consultation for the proposed Oxfordshire Strategic Rail Freight Interchange has been delayed.