Victoria Prentis Makes Statement on MPs For a 'Deal'

Last week I met the Prime Minister and he assured me that he was working hard for a Deal and expects to bring that back to Parliament when we return in mid-October.  Today, with colleagues from across the political divide I launched “MPs for a Deal”, which is exactly that; we wish the Prime Minister well in his negotiations with the EU, and very much hope to get a Parliamentary majority for the Deal he brings back.  I think the vast majority of us want a sensible compromise and an orderly exit. 

“MPs for a Deal” seeks a middle ground between the two extremes of ‘remain’ and ‘leave’. 92% of the Conservative party did support the previous deal and it’s important to get Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the independents on board to pass the next one. I firmly believe that we must respect the result of the referendum And leave without delay and WITH a deal.


- Victoria Prentis MP (September 2019)