Victoria comments on COVID testing for NHS and social care staff

Following an Opposition Day debate in Parliament on Wednesday 24 June, Victoria Prentis has issued the following statement alongside her fellow Oxfordshire Conservative colleagues:

“Regular testing, including weekly testing if it is deemed necessary, is current government policy, as advised by the Chief Medical Officer. Clinical advice is to focus intensive asymptomatic testing in those areas or settings identified to have high prevalence of Coronavirus, so frontline staff rather than those in administrative roles who do not come into contact with patients.

“Labour said they were calling for weekly testing of NHS staff “if necessary”. But “if necessary” was not in the wording of their motion, which instead called for blanket weekly testing without any qualification – proving this was nothing more than a political stunt.

“At a time of national crisis, we think the public expect MPs to work together constructively - not to attempt to score party political points on issues that are profoundly sensitive and important.”