On Wednesday 25 October, Victoria Prentis MP was successful in the shuffle to ask a Prime Minster’s Question. She chose to ask about housebuilding and local infrastructure, including schools, roads, healthcare and post boxes.


The below account is taken from the Official Report (Hansard) from Wednesday 25 October 2017:

Victoria Prentis (Banbury) (Con): Cherwell tops the leader board for new housing. Will the Prime Minister assure me that the right roads, school places, post boxes and especially healthcare provision will be in place to support both my new constituents and the ones I have at the moment?

The Prime Minister: First, may I congratulate my hon. Friend and say how pleased I am that Cherwell District Council is doing what we want to do and what we recognise we need to do to tackle our dysfunctional housing market, which is to build more homes? She is right, however, that infrastructure is also an important part of that, which is why we have committed £15 billion for our road investment strategy, why over half a trillion pounds will be spent on the NHS during this Parliament, and why a record £41 billion will be spent on core funding for schools this year. That, I am pleased to say, is the record of Conservatives in government.