North Oxfordshire MP Supports World Book Day Campaign

Victoria Prentis MP is supporting ‘Share a Story’, World Book Day’s national campaign encouraging parents, carers and guardians to read with their children for ten minutes every day.

To promote the importance of reading, every year World Book Day creates bespoke £1 books for children and young adults across the UK and Ireland. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success and this year the campaign is urging parents and carers to take the time to ‘share a story’ and revive reading as a national pastime.

On 7 March 2019, every child in North Oxfordshire will be given a £1 book token which they can take to a bookshop or supermarket to get their free World Book Day book (or £1 off any book of their choice).

Speaking about the campaign, Victoria said: “I love reading. Having grown up on a farm, most of my childhood was spent with a book in hand. Not much has changed in adulthood and some of my favourite memories with my children have been when reading to them. I hope that all parents, grandparents and carers will take this opportunity to get involved in World Book Day.”