Caulcott - Sewage Pump Station

In January 2020, a large number of Caulcott residents got in touch to share their anger at Thames Water over their lack of action and disruption caused at the sewage pump station (SPS). 

I was well aware of the associated damage that was being caused by the tankers being in place. From my conversations with Thames Water, I reassured constituents that they have committed to making the necessary repairs but this has yet to be done. 

I continue to have regular dialogue with Thames Water and am committed to getting a long term solution because this poor service has been going on for well over a decade. 


Meeting with Thames Water in Caulcott

Today I was pleased to convene a small meeting with Thames Water to get an update on their work in Caulcott. This is one of the most regularly complained about sites in my constituency and so this was a very welcome opportunity. 

BBC Coverage of Caulcott SPS

I am very pleased to see the coverage BBC South Today gave to the ongoing issues my constituents in Caulcott are facing. 

This has been going on for well over a decade and I hope this will help to give the issue some more public attention. 

Meeting Request with Thames Water

Today I have written to Thames Water to request that we meet on site to discuss this detail in greater length.